Age a’int no thing…

Five days in and Poetice Kid Camp is upon us, 218 strong. Today I followed about 50 6 & 7 yr. olds from station to station; lunch, crafts, memory verse, games, and drama. It could have been a camp at home just as well had I been looking at the actions of children, teachers and counselors without regard to what continent we were on. It continues to strike me how much we are all alike, we just want someone to care about us and provide some sense of belonging.

The days before camp, after arriving in Choma, have been a great experience of watching two teams from two different churches mesh in every way and interface well with the Poetice staff.

Personally, I have most enjoyed opportunities to encourage and affirm some of the youth from the two teams, watch campers progress in their relationships with the team members, and help keep our opportunities to extend learning time, from the lectures given, focused on the core issues. But today I reminded myself that the educational goals set for the campers is very difficult to achieve, but the relational experiences they have are the most important in their development as persons and Believers. The campers will learn the content of their faith as time moves forward and learn how to integrate it into their lives as they live out being a disciple of Jesus.

I know you  must be wondering how an “old man” is surviving this experience, well, on the 5 team scavenger hunt to town (2miles away), I was the first back to base camp to and jogged some of the way. Judy Patterson. the only one close to my age, said she thought I might have a heart attach. Obviously, I did not and was cheered on by the children in our scavenger hunt team. I go to bed before most and get up in time to be at breakfast on time and sleep great. The food is mostly vegetables and starches, but it is good and plentiful. You would be envious of the weather; dry, warm, and cool nights. The moon rises over our back fence and glows a brilliant orange early in the evening.

My spiritual reflections have brought me to wish our church family would (1) devote more time to deeper relationships, (2) talk about how we could do better at evangelistic outreach, and (3) brainstorm how we could increase our impact on the world close by and far away. The needs are so great in our town and across the world and we have been given an over abundance of resources that could help and it took Zambia to remind me of the call in our situation.

I leave this blog grateful to you for the support you gave to make it possible for me to participate, encouraged by the quality of people sent, and glad of our church’s investment in the Emert family and their ministry through Poetice.

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