Life Together…in preparation

Wake up to Glory!! This was a true statement for this morning. We were awoken by the wake-up crew at 7am for the first time since we arrived, which consisted of four Poetice leaders, one being Myles, who led us in some morning exercises. This was the first morning that the campers were with us, and they were all joining in on the morning fun. We then had breakfast and enjoyed hot coffee on another crisp morning as most days it gets up into the low 70’s but at night quickly gets into the 40’s. Today we were able to attend Church.

In church this morning we looked at the parable of the unforgiving servant and discussed the three hardest words to say… I forgive you. This is one of my favorite sermons, along with the most complex. We learned about a Poetice campers story and how she had to decide whether or not to forgive the person that had hurt her. She continued and stated that she was not able to forgive the person until she asked for God’s help. With God’s help she continues to heal and forgive this person and herself.

Another thing we discussed today was being a good steward and heard the parable about the three servants and their master. This was another great lesson in that it made me think about the special qualities that each person has and how God knows you share these qualities with others in order to spread Gods love. We encouraged the campers to encourage each other nd call out the potential they see in their friends.

The leaders told the campers that we were going to wash their feet to show that we loved them as God loved his disciples. This was a big deal to many of them because age is such a powerful force here as campers want to show respect and soak up everything that elders tell them. A wonderful young lady asked why would you do this; I explained, to show you, that you are worthy. She said no, you will not wash my feet. I said please allow me to do with for you. She continued to refuse, saying that it was she who should wash mine. I told her that if she allowed me to wash her feet, I would allow her to wash mine, but I got to go first. She agreed, but was very hesitant. She took her shoes off and placed them in the warm water. I asked if the water felt good and she shook her head, but began to cry. I asked her why and she said because she was sad. I told her not to be sad but to be glad that God believe as I do that she is a worthy person. God is good!!!

Today, we also did the last preparations for the  kids campers (age 6-12) to come monday. We all met with our groups and our small groups and made sure everyone was on the same page because the youth we have been trainman the last 2 days will now run camp alongside us for the children. This is what we’ve been preparing for. All of the groups are so excited for the amazing things that are going to happen in the few days ahead. We have several groups: crafts, drama, games and memory-verses. I am part of the memory verses team. I will be working with 4 other people to help all the campers to learn one new verses each day. The first verse is Acts 15:9 “He made no distinction between them and us, for he cleansed their lives through faith”. The second verse is Matthew 22:9  “Now go out to the street corners and invite everyone you see”. As you can see these two verse continue to tie everything together when you decide to bring God into your life you will want to go find everyone you can and invite them experience the joy..  My Cup runneth over!!! I am beyond grateful that I have had the opportunity to be on this journey and see Christianity in such a different perspective. It is hard to believe that we are halfway done with our trip and that we will begin the journey home in just a few days.

Overjoyed –


One thought on “Life Together…in preparation”

  1. Happy July 4th to everyone!! Hoping all is well.🙏. Please tell Caroline, Charlee and Finn that we love them and miss them so much😘❤️ Can’t wait to get another update. I check everyday for some new updates. God bless you all,
    Marie and Tim Carter


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