Christmas comes in June

Today was the day we have been waiting for. We have sat through some cultural immersion learning and had the chance to go into a nearby town but today was the day that we really go to spend time and meet new friends we have been preparing ourselves for. We woke up like we do everyday but the energy was there this morning that has been building since we departed on Monday.We ate our cereal for breakfast before making space in our rooms so that our campers could join us in our rooms. We then went over a few last minute rules so we could be outside on time to welcome the campers. We all got out to the gate to welcome and cheer for them as we had been welcomed just days before. 9:00 rolled around and we opened the gate and…nothing.

At first we did not think any kids would show up. We were waiting at 9am, the time they were supposed to come but they hadn’t showed yet, and it took a while. Then the first camper arrived. Then the second and the third and we were off and running. As each camper got here we walked them to their new rooms and played games out in the field as we welcomed new friends.   I was part of the welcoming committee for one of the girls room’s.  When they came a lot of there little siblings came with them to see them off so some of us played with them out side the gate which was really fun because we got to see all the faces of people coming down the road and wave and greet and welcome them as they came closer.

Once everyone had arrived we had worship with them, we sang some songs with them some in Tonga and some in English. Worship here is really fun because all the songs have motions and are very active. We all got a group with the kids and for the next 2 days we will be teaching and working alongside them so that they will run the kids camp that starts Monday. Judy,John, and Brookelynn are all in my group with me so its good to have some familiar faces mixed with some new ones. After lunch we went on a scavenger hunt into town where we had to work with the Zambians in our group to find things in the big local market. It was about a 30 minute walk to the market and I am definitely tired after our first full day.When we got back we had worship and Caleb preached with a Zambian translator which was really fun. Then we had time to talk with our group before dinner.

Dinner was Nshima which is a local food made of mashed up maize that becomes spongy and you use it as your utensils to eat with. Nshimia is DELISOUS!!!!!!!…as long as you have something with it. Tonight we had it with beef, versace, which is a mixture of pine nuts and rape (a local green similar to chard or kale) and stir fried cabbage.  We have all been assigned certain areas to keep clean and straighten so we did our cleaning. Judy and I are in charge of cleaning the family room. To close out the day we watched the movie Wonder. Wonder was good movie because it helped to reinforce the theme we have been sharing with the kids this week about how our worth rests in who we are, and we are all in God’s family. It was a really fun day and I cannot wait to do it again tomorrow as we get to experience Zambian Church in the morning. I am so glad I get to be here and get to know myself and people from our church better.

Thankful –

Charlee Foster

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