Tired…yet energized

“Did they all make it to Zambia?”  If that is what you are pondering, since we haven’t found wifi to send you a quick text, then I will take this opportunity to begin the second day of our blog to spread the good news…All eleven of us have arrived in Choma, Zambia safely.  After forty-nine hours of travel, including four flights (21 hours in the air), and a 3 – hour bus ride, we pulled into our Poetice International home-front greeted with several dozen cheering faces.  They were chanting as the two buses pulled into the parking lot. A bright-eyed group mixed of local Zambians, Poetice staff and interns, and smiling children cheered “Welcome to Zambia” and met us with large grins and smiling hugs as we unloaded the bus.  I was overwhelmed with tearful awe as these apparent strangers were so incredibly joyful and exuberant to welcome us to their home!

Incidentally, not a single piece of luggage was lost, no flights were missed, and there were no major disasters once we all boarded during these last two days of travel.  I could spend the majority of this blog just covering the travel excitement of this journey, because it definitely was an event in and of itself.  However, now that I am in Choma with my new brothers and sisters, there’s simply too much beauty I have already experienced, that I must focus on that.

All the smiling faces, people calling me by name before I even put on my name tag; I found it interesting that this community we have entered, that I know very little about, already knew fun facts about me personally.  Not only did they know my name, Caroline, but they also knew that I had brought my 11-year-old twins; they recognized them and called them by name as well.  Sounds kind of Christlike, doesn’t it?

After we settled into our cabins – much like summer camp, bunkbed housing, we participated in a meet-and-greet with popcorn!  As the sun was setting, we all mingled with each other, the staff, interns, and our sister mission team from Buffalo, New York.  The highlight of my evening was watching two of my new friends, a Zambian intern and a mission team member from New York, turn on some music and teach each other some new dances.  We all laughed and cheered and enjoyed the instant camaraderie and friendships that were bonded.  It was beautiful to witness and be a part of.

To end this day, I can tell you all with certainty that we are all safe, we are all with family within a loving community, we have all been well fed, and although we are all exhausted, we cannot wait to see what tomorrow will bring us on this mission in Zambia!  Blessings to all!



2 thoughts on “Tired…yet energized”

  1. Caroline, your writing expresses clarity and helps the reader flow in thoughtful perspective envisioning your descriptions. Thank you for keeping us updated. Shalom to all!


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