Away We Go…But Why?

Thanks for joining us! This is a trip that is a long time coming. We have been planning and meeting and fundraising and learning for more than a year and it almost felt like it would never come. We have one the best team of eager christ followers ready to love and learn together thousands of miles away from “home” as we learn just how much Bigger God is than what we ever thought. Emotions of excitement are met with nervousness and fear as each of know we leave behind a world we will not return to as the same people, but we also know that God is working and calling us into a journey that will open us up to more than we imagine.


WHAT WILL YOU BE DOING? This is the most common question we get whenever we talk about overseas on a mission immersion experience. Your not going to build a well, or run a clinic, or solve the root causes of poverty and injustice? What then will you do? We will love the lord our God with all our hearts, our souls, our minds and our strength and we will love and serve our neighbor as ourselves; We will work alongside Jeremy and Courtney and Olivia and Jude and Lincoln Emert in Choma as we work to build relationships and become advocates and story tellers for the work they are doing and will continue to do long after we are gone. We will lead worship We will help however we are needed and we will support however we are asked. We will greet one another in the name of Christ and we will learn everything we can about what God is doing in and through our global brothers and sisters. We will gather to leave from Greensboro on June 25 and begin our travels that will take us through Philadelphia, London, and South Africa before touching down in Zambia on the evening of June 27th. From there we will get our bearing and begin to work alongside friends, new and old, to worship and participate in youth camp for friends ages 6-25. We are not going with a schedule of exactly we will be doing when because flexibility and openness to the spirit will be our mantra. We know that we will run camp on July 1 – 4 for around 300 Zambians and we will   While our travels begin on the 25th our real mission trip begins on July 8th when we return home as storytellers and advocates for the work and ministry of the Emerts in Zambia and begin to change the world around us starting right here in High Point!

We welcome your prayers and blessing on our travel and on the work God is calling us into. Please be sure to keep up with our blog along the journey and read along to meet our team:
IMG_6300 3


Brookelynn Bartmess is a 6th Grader at High Point Christian Academy and is excited about seeing where God is calling her to learn alongside her church and her Mom. Brookelynn is also excited to see her friend Olivia who lives in Zambia. 

IMG_6301 3


Susie Bartmess is a nurse and case manager has been a part of Emerywood for many years and is excited to be taking part on her first international Mission Experience with the Church. She is looking forward to spending time with her daughter but will also miss her son and Husband as they “hold down the fort” back home.


IMG_6298 3

Michelle Bednarek is a wife and mother of 2 who works full time in the medical field with the Triad HealthCare Network. She is excited to experience first hand all that she has heard about as she has followed along and supported the Emert Family in Zambia since they arrived on the mission field several years ago.


IMG_6291 3


Grace Bellamy just graduated from Wesleyan Christian Academy and will head off to East Carolina University this fall to study Audiology. Grace enjoys playing guitar and singing as well as maintaining all her snapchat streaks. Grace’s heart was opened to serving and sharing in life with her global neighbors last year on a mission trip to Jamaica and she is excited to continue to grow this summer.

IMG_6293 3


Charlie Foster is a 6th Grader at High Point Friends school and loves meeting new people. Always inquisitive Charlee believes that conversation ad relationships are what will truly change the world. Charlie loves to read and learn about ways to be a part of the solution to the worlds greatest issues but she is excited to learn from friends and family all around the globe.

IMG_6296 3


Finn Foster is a 6th Grader at High Point Friends School. He loves to play basketball, volleyball, and Soccer and is also deeply compassionate. When asked what he was most excited about for the trip Finn responded that he was ready to meet and serve new neighbors as he listens to where God is calling him on his journey.

IMG_6294 3


Caroline Keating is very excited to witness and nurture the expanding worldview and spark of social change that this mission will inspire among the group. She is working on being present and asking the right questions about how she can be a catalyst for change in her hometown and around the world.


IMG_6299 3Judy Patterson is especially excited about this trip as it a return to Zambia for her and a opportunity to spend quality time serving alongside her Daughter, Son-in-Law, and 3 of her Grandchildren, who live in Choma. She loves getting to watch her family love and serve the Lord in a context completely foreign (both literally and figuratively) to her own. Judy has served at Emerywood in many capacities over her time in the congregation and currently is a part of the Mission Committee.

IMG_6292 3


Myles Patterson is a Sophomore at Westchester Country Day School in High Point and is a part of the Varsity Basketball and Soccer teams. Myles is a gifted athlete and a dedicated leader. He is smart and compassionate and is excited to serve with and visit his Aunt, Uncle, and cousins living in Zambia as well as expanding his understanding of how God is at work in the world.

IMG_6297 3


John Setchfield is a retired Minister and Missionary who is always looking for any opportunity to serve God and neighbor. John has a wonderful understanding of why we serve and how each and every human being is a necessary and integral part of the body of Christ. John is most texted for the chance to serve and learn alongside local leaders and residents in Choma as we look at faith issues and how those affect their daily lives.







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